Waster Water Odor Control

Dealing with wastewater not only requires private, municipal and state operators to meet stringent chemical and biological specifications. Many wastewater treatment plants and lift stations are surrounded by the communities they serve and odor control is necessary for the operator’s image and worker well-being and safety.

Q2 Technologies has a unique product line designed for mercaptan and H2S removal from both water stream and vents. Q2 Technologies’ products will scavenge H2S and mercaptans through direct injection in water streams or through misting in air flows. Q2 Technologies can assist customers in the design of chemical scrubber for efficient H2S and mercaptan removal. Efficient removal of both H2S and mercaptans will result in odor control management.

Chemical Removal

The Enviro-Scrub® H2S scavenger product line is a patented technology that has been used in a variety of industries for over 25 years.

  • Will neutralize sulfide and mercaptan related odors
  • It will improve emissions and air compliance
  • Reacts into a biodegradable non-toxic molecule
  • Effectively hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans through an irreversible reaction

Biological Removal

The Enviro-Scrub® Bio product line is a completely green and eco-friendly solution that will inhibit H2S and mercaptans from forming by changing the metabolism of existing bacterial colonies.

  • Will neutralize sulfide and mercaptan related odors
  • Increase bacterial activity that will lead to better solids and sludge digestion
  • Reduce organic solids in aqueous systems
  • Can be injected directly into lagoons or lift stations